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I help women take control of their health, regain confidence and say goodbye to PCOS forever

Are you fed up of PCOS ruining your life? I know how much it sucks, but it doesn't have to.

Hi, I’m Georgie

A Degree Qualified Nutritionist, Level 3 Personal Trainer and Life coach specialising in PCOS. After suffering for 15 years, losing 35kg and getting all my symptoms under control, I am on a mission to help you become strong, confident, healthy and happy – and live your life feeling your very best.

P.s. The best part? I still drink wine, like to party, eat naughty treats and feel great – which you can do too!

Let me help you love yourself again and live your best life.

We’ve only got one at the end of the day so let’s make it count!



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sharing my knowledge with you so you can take control of your PCOS the natural way. 

Choose Your Adventure

1:1 Coaching

Get me as your personal coach giving you guidance and support while we conquer your PCOS together. 

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PCOS Course

Everything I have learned over the past 15 years  about taking control of PCOS packed into my flagship course. 

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PCOS Ebooks

Ebooks filled with It’s a PCOS Party recipes and workouts to help you feel your best while you conquer PCOS.

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