10 Tips to Boost Productivity and Manage Stress as an Entrepreneur

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Being an entrepreneur can be hugely exciting, thrilling, and fulfilling. However, with this comes many challenges along the way. We weren’t all born business leaders equipped with the correct skills to run a successful company, and it can be incredibly difficult to stay motivated and disciplined every day of the week. 

When you are trying to run every aspect of the business and take on several roles, sometimes it can all get a bit too much and feel like our brains are going to explode! Struggles are inevitable but we want to be able to manage it to the best of our ability to make sure we don’t burn out and stay focused. 

Here are my top tips and tricks to keep your productivity levels high and your stress levels low – 

  1. Prioritise tasks – Write down 3-5 tasks every morning that you want to get done, in order of importance, and start with these. Tick them off as you go along and celebrate the small win each time. Don’t overload yourself thinking you need to get 50 tasks done in one day, break it down into bit size chunks.
  2. Be realistic – set achievable goals that are specific, measurable, and time-bound. This will help keep you stay focused and motivated throughout the day.
  3. Delegate tasks – Hiring contractors or employees with skills that you might not have is essential to scale your business. You can’t do everything, unfortunately! This will also free up your time to focus on your area of expertise and ensure all the tasks are completed efficiently.
  4. Take breaks – Our brains are not meant to be working for long periods of time. Taking breaks is essential to boost serotonin levels (our happy hormone) and feel re-energized. Go for a quick 10-minute walk, make a light snack, or give your friend a call!
  5. Use technology – Our world is changing, and with the introduction of so many platforms, apps, and AI they can be used in business to really help grow and scale. Be sure to keep your personal touch too!
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  6. Learn to set boundaries – Saying ‘no’ can be super tough, especially if you’re a people pleaser and hate letting people down. To really grow your business, you must learn to say no and prioritise your goals. We don’t want to be getting side tracked every other week!
  7. Limit distractions – Our screens are a blessing and a curse where notifications can seem to take over our life. Turn off the ones you really don’t need, set your phone to do not disturb, and work in a quiet environment that will increase productivity levels. With so many co-working spaces now, there really is no excuse!
  8. Make mistakes – As an entrepreneur, we learn so much as we build our business by making wrong decisions. Don’t be afraid to mess up and experience failures.
  9. Self-love and self-care – Prioritising your health is essential to stay productive and motivated. Health is wealth as they say! If you aren’t 100%, your business won’t be either so take time out for yourself and if you feel close to burnout, slow down, pause, and reset.
  10.  Exercise – Regular movement can have a positive impact on both physical and mental health, which in turn will boost productivity. I always start my morning with 30 minutes of movement whether that’s walking, a class, or a gym session. My brain feels alert, my energy levels are high, my concentration is on point and I’m ready to tackle the day in high spirits! 

From my personal experience, I know that sometimes I can take on way too much than I can chew. With an overly creative brain and slight ADHD, I sometimes send my thoughts into overdrive with a million ideas, without slowing down and focusing on the here and now. 

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When I have these periods, I really do take a step back, breathe and come back down to earth. If Rome wasn’t built in a day, then neither will a business – especially one where you don’t have an army of humans helping. 

Something that personally helps me is setting weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals. When you start to overthink, relating back to what you’ve set can help get you re-aligned and re-focused. I also go for a big walk to clear my head and leave my phone at home to avoid distractions! 

Throwing in the comfortability of a monthly salary and becoming an entrepreneur is a huge risk and one that can be honestly, terrifying. However, the rush and reward you feel when you hit little milestones and achievements are, in my opinion, completely worth it. 

Life is to be lived. Risks are meant to be taken. Your creative ideas are there to build an empire! 

So, to all the entrepreneurs out there – don’t give up, you’re doing amazing. Trust the process, stay motivated and I’m sure your vision will become a reality in no time. 

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