Coronavirus and PCOS are never going to be best friends. Obesity is one of the biggest health crises in America, the UK and all over the world. Almost two-thirds (63%) of adults in England are overweight or living with obesity – and 1 in 3 children leave primary school overweight or obese, with obesity-related illnesses costing the NHS £6 billion a year. This is actual madness when we really think about it, considering obesity didn’t even exist 300 years ago!

Coronavirus, the pandemic that has shook our world has brought an urgency of tackling the obesity time bomb forward. There is now a huge amount of evidence to show if you are obese, you have an increased risk to catch COVID-19, and a much higher risk of not recovering. Coronavirus and PCOS do not go hand in hand together due to many women being overweight from insulin resistance.

Nearly 8% of critically ill patients with COVID-19 in intensive care units have been morbidly obese, compared with 2.9% of the general population. Not to mention being overweight increases your risk of developing many other nasty conditions including Cardiovascular disease and diabetes. 

If you don’t already take your health seriously then perhaps coronavirus and PCOS has helped you realise how important it is. Our bodies are our home. We only have one. One chance to treat them properly and nourish our organs with all the nutritious, delicious food available. 

Yes PCOS does make it harder to lose weight due to insulin resistance and hormone imbalance. But it doesn’t make it impossible. We cannot use PCOS as an excuse to neglect our health and let it defeat us. I, and plenty of other cysters are living proof you CAN lose weight. You can reverse your symptoms. You can feel healthy and happy again. 

There are plenty of little life swaps we can implement straight away. Next time you got to the supermarket, avoid the snack isles like crisps and sweets. If you don’t have them in the house, there’s no way you can eat them! Stock up on unprocessed, healthy food such as nuts, berries, lean meats, eggs and vegetables. 

Park in one of the furthest spots to get your steps up too! Anything to increase our NEAT throughout the day will contribute to your weight loss journey.

‘’By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’’.

I cannot stress the importance of these wise words enough. Take some time to prepare meals, chop up some vegetable sticks and have them in the fridge when you get an urge for a snack. Protein should be your best friend and keeps us fuller for much longer, chicken breast pieces and hard-boiled eggs are a great snack and quick to prepare at the beginning of the week. (Tempeh and Tofu for my vegan friends!) 

We all have a choice. We are the creative force of our own life. Through our own decisions rather than conditions, we can accomplish great things. You have a choice to continue living an unhealthy life or do something about it. 

‘’Fear. We all have it. We either use it to motivate us to success or intimidate us to defeat. Choice is ours. Use it wisely’’ 

I COMPLETELY understand how difficult this can be, and we can all use a helping hand

Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase energy, or develop better nutrition, as a coach I take the time to listen to your concerns. I help you discover where and why you are struggling, and support you as you navigate the world of contradictory nutritional advice to figure out exactly what works for YOUR body.

Remember I have been there. I can relate. I know how tough it is. I promise you, you can do it. Invest in your health, put yourself first and feel confident again.

”Choice is the most powerful tool we have. Everything boils down to choice. We exist in a field of infinite possibilities. Every choice we make shuts an infinite number of doors and opens an infinite amount of doors. At any point we can change the direction of our lives by a simple choice. It is all in our hands, our hearts, our minds.” 

Drop me a message if you’re interested to work with me. 

Love as always,

G x

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