Gut health and PCOS

Did you know women with PCOS are 60% more likely to have IBS or bowel problems?

You’d think we’ve got enough to worry about with PCOS already right?!

I suffered with IBS for years, and sometimes still do but have noticed a dramatic difference since changing my diet and nourishing my body with the right foods. 

There is an undeniable link between gut health and hormone balance. Every system is connected in our body so it makes total sense they all need to work together. 

Let’s talk about estrogen specifically considering that is what we are here to do.

If we are constipated or not having regular bowel movements, then we are not eliminating estrogen properly.

Gut Health and PCOS

If this detoxification process doesn’t happen then it can recirculate back in our blood over time.

If this is a continuous occasion, obviously we will get elevated estrogen levels – which is not what we want! 

Elevated Estrogen can contribute to all the nasty symptoms such as bloating, heavy periods, breast pain, cramps, insomnia., brain fog and headaches. 

When we can’t detoxify estrogen in our body, gut dysbiosis or an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut can occur.

This is usually the result of stress, not enough wholesome foods, certain meds and a history of medication abuse!

I was on birth control and metformin for years and am convinced this is why I had bowel/gut problems for so long. 

Not only this but I didn’t give my body the right foods. I didn’t look after myself properly.

With PCOS we need to be extra careful. We don’t necessarily need to cut anything out, but food swaps and better choices are essential for healing.

Your gut is key to detoxifying the body.

If things aren’t moving, or things stay in us which are not meant to be there then we are going to see serious hormone issues.

Poor gut health will also prevent the absorption of adequate nutrients which our body needs to function. 

So how do we heal the gut with PCOS? 

We want to remove pathogens and bad bacteria that might have built up there for a long time.

We want to replace enzymes and support our little stomachs.

We want to repair the gut lining so absorption of nutrients can take place.

We want to reduce stress which in turn will reduce inflammation of the gut.

And how do we do this? 

Invest in some probiotics

Eat fibrous wholesome foods such as ground flax, cruciferous veggies and healthy fats like avocado. 

Take up yoga a few times a week to lower stress levels.

Bone broth has incredible healing benefits (and also tastes delicious!)

Try to avoid gluten and dairy as much as possible for a few months to reduce inflammation and help our PCOS symptoms.

Plenty of water!

Get at least 7-9 hours sleep to allow full detoxification.

Self-care – invest in things you love and look after yourself! 

On my 1 to 1 coaching program, we make specific food swaps and recommendations that will help you on your gut healing journey as well as PCOS.

Remember our body is our home. We MUST take care of it. It’s truly the only thing we can rely on for the rest of our lives.

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So much love,

G x

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