Facts about PCOS Explained

polycystic ovaries

PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome has become one of the most common hormonal problems in today’s world for women.

Studies show that majority of the diagnosed women are teenagers and predicts a global average of 3 in every 10 women of having PCOS.

PCOS is primarily a lifestyle disease with symptoms including irregular periods, excess body hair, weight gain, skin irregularities, scanty menstrual flow, and hormonal imbalances.

There are certain facts about PCOS explained and it is necessary to understand them.

Understanding facts about PCOS: 

  • PCOS can happen anytime from puberty as early as being a teenager until the menopause age.
  • All women with PCOS do not necessarily have PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) ovaries on sonography. It is seen that 20% of healthy women suffer from PCOS, however, not all will have PCOD ovaries. There is a difference between PCOD and PCOS.
  • PCOD ovaries are small (<10mm) size water bubbles (cysts) and are sequenced at the periphery of the ovary. They do not give any pain or discomfort. The ovarian cysts which give rise to pain are at least three cm or more in size, which are not found in PCOD.
  • It is not the irregular periods and scanty period flow that causes PCOS, the weight gain caused due to the non-disciplined lifestyle gives rise to hormonal imbalance and causes irregularities in periods.
  • All women with irregular periods do not have PCOS. There are numerous other reasons that causes irregularities like thyroid disorders, eating disorders, over-exercise, etc.
  • PCOS does not happen only in over-weight women. Although weight gain is common, PCOS can also happen in women with normal body weight especially if there is a family history.
  • Acnes and other skin allergies are not always due to PCOS. It can also appear due to skin problems, allergies or even dandruff.
  • Women with PCOS only have an inconsistent and delayed ovulation but can definitely conceive. Most of the time due to regular skipping of periods, one finds it difficult to confirm if they are pregnant.
  • There is no such cure or medication for get rid of PCOS permanently. However, medications can be given based on the treatment required for each individual.
  • Losing weight cannot completely cure PCOS. PCOS is a lifestyle disease and the cure is obtained by regular exercises, dietary modifications, and weight loss.

About Georgie:


Georgie Daisy | PCOS Symptoms


Georgie is a degree qualified nutritionist, level 3 personal trainer, life coach specializing in PCOS, & the lady behind It’s A PCOS Party!

She studied at the University of Leeds doing a joint honors degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition for four years. There she became a degree certified Nutritionist. The knowledge she gained through this qualification was invaluable, as she learnt how nutrition really is medicine and has a huge impact on any hormone function. she also learnt how to create personalized nutrition plans with exact calories, macros and measurements.

She eventually chose extra modules which included learning about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Insulin Resistance, which helped start to change her diet and lifestyle to begin to reverse her PCOS symptoms.

It is through consistency, commitment, and a lot of trial and error, she started seeing huge changes. Now Georgie has conquered PCOS and stand here completely SYMPTOM FREE!

She has come off all medication, shed all excess weight, and became stronger only to feel great.

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