Managing PCOS Related Acne: Tips and Tricks

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Due to hormonal imbalances, acne breakouts can be a REAL problem with PCOS! Here are some tips and tricks to incorporate into your daily life and skincare routine to help keep those unwanted zits at bay!

Keep your skin clean: wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser to remove excess oil, dirt, and bacteria. Avoid harsh scrubs and hot water, which can irritate the skin and actually make your acne worse!

Have you heard of non – comedogenic skincare products? (I hadn’t either but stick to these ones)!

These products are specifically formulated not to clog pores, which in turn helps to prevent acne breakouts. Look for products that are labeled ‘oil–free’ or ‘non – comedogenic.’

Moisturize your skin – This is key! Moisturizing morning and night will help prevent dryness and irritation. I’d recommend using a lightweight water-based moisturizer rather than an oil-based moisturizer to avoid clogging pores.

DIET – here we go again you’re thinking! I can’t emphasize enough, how important a healthy diet is to regulate hormones, reduce inflammation, and overall leave you feeling GREAT! Limit your sugar intake and get those daily fruits, veggies, and lots of greens in.

WATER – hydrate honey! this goes without saying really, on average we should have the equivalent of 2 liters of water per day, but do we actually drink this? Always make sure you’ve got the H20 at your desk or by your side. Working out will also help you naturally want to drink more of the good stuff.

Try to manage your stress levels – the dreaded thing we all want to avoid! Stress unfortunately can worsen acne by triggering hormone imbalances and inflammation. Yoga, meditation, and daily gratitude practices can help get you in a good morning routine, releasing endorphins and reducing stress hormones.

For more tips. tricks and everything you need to know to start your PCOS healing journey today check out my signature online course.

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Lots of love as ever,

G x

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