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A degree qualified nutritionist, level 3 personal trainer, life coach specializing in PCOS, & the babe behind It’s A PCOS Party!

Have you just been diagnosed with PCOS? Feeling lost and confused? Your GP just told you to go home and ‘lose weight’ with no help or guidance?

Don’t worry. That was me.

 I’ve been there and can completely feel your pain. As a woman with PCOS who struggled for 15 years, I was hit by a tonne of frustrating symptoms that I just didn’t understand, and wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried!— Uncontrollable weight gain, anxiety, poor skin, non-stop hunger, funky hair growth on my chin, chest, and tummy and a terrible relationship with my body.

The amount of hours I wasted visiting hundreds of doctors in over 5 different countries is quite impressive, all trying to find the answers and getting absolutely nowhere.

I was told I’d never have kids. I was told I’d never have a family. Horrendous words to hear and something no women should ever have to go through.

I never left feeling positive. Always demotivated and even more confused. I tried so many different medications and supplements that never seemed to work, not mentioning the amount of money I threw away on paying for them all!



I spent hours, days googling “how to control PCOS.”

Every time I got the same answer – “lose weight.”

I could have thrown my laptop out the window plenty of times. What was so frustrating is there was no specific diet for PCOS. No help or guidance anywhere. 

I honestly tried every single thing out there, every different exercise class but no matter what…I COULD NOT LOSE WEIGHT.


I began to blame myself. I began to look at myself in the mirror with hate, thinking is there something wrong with me?

Luckily the competitive streak in me never gives up. I became obsessed with learning about how our bodies work, and simply had to find a solution. I would not let PCOS define me. Not let it ruin my life. And once I got the bottom of it – I would share it with every other female whose suffered like me. I get a huge sense of happiness when I help others, so that’s what lead me down my healing path…

My knowledge journey...

I studied at the University of Leeds doing a joint honours degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition for Four years. Here I became a degree certified Nutritionist. The knowledge I gained through this qualification was invaluable, as I learnt how nutrition really is medicine and has a huge impact on our hormone function. I also learnt how to create personalised nutrition plans with exact calories, macros and measurements.

 I chose extra modules which included learning about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Insulin Resistance, which helped me start to change my diet and lifestyle to begin to reverse my PCOS symptoms.

I have always been incredibly active, being put on ski’s aged 3, ballet shoes age 6 and playing Lacrosse for my country it’s literally engrained in me. I decided to do my Level 2 & 3 Personal Training qualification so I can help ladies understand the correct exercises to do for PCOS.

Over all these years, I worked with many incredible coaches and mentors in the areas of body image, business, creativity and weight loss to help me realise exactly what I needed to do to conquer PCOS once and for all.

Through consistency, commitment and a lot of trial and error, I started to see huge changes.

I am so proud to say that I have conquered PCOS and stand here completely SYMPTOM FREE!

I have come off all medication and could not be happier and clearer in my mind.

I have shed all my excess weight, become stronger and finally feel great.

My periods are back and completely regular, my skin glows, my anxiety has gone and I couldn’t be happier.

My latest scan proved PCOS can be reversed naturally, and there is a cure. My cysts have disappeared, and my ovaries are just as they should be – ovulating and healthy.

It hasn’t been an easy ride by all means, I’ve had ups and downs, good and bad days, break downs and break throughs. But this is exactly how it should be. We are all human and not perfect, and I now want to show you how little adjustments can honestly make a huge difference.

I want to be your mentor, your friend, the name at the top of your Whatsapp because you’re asking questions and I’m so happy to share everything with you.

But the best bit? You can still have fun and party!

PCOS is not a death sentence. Life is to be lived and enjoyed. I can assure you prosecco and wine are still firmly on my shopping list each week.

This is not a ‘diet’. Diets are unsustainable, unrealistic and not FUN!

It’s a few lifestyle changes and new habits which you’ll see are easy to build.

With my help and guidance, you’ll be on the healing road in no time, I promise.

I want you to live your best life and learn for yourself that nothing can hold you back – not even PCOS!

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