Most Common PCOS Related Questions Answered

Most Common PCOS Questions | It's a PCOS Party

Is having cysts on your ovaries a common symptom of PCOS?

Not at all, inn fact the name of the condition is completely misleading. The black dots you see on your ultrasound are not actual cysts, they are baby follicles that haven’t been released due to no ovulation. They are 1 out of 3 signs you need to actually get diagnosed with PCOS. They can contribute to hormone imbalances but actually these follicles are usually harmless.

Unlike ovarian cysts that grow, rupture, and cause pain, PCOS follicles do not grow, rupture, or cause pain.

What does PCOS mean if my menstrual cycle is irregular?

If your menstrual cycle is irregular, it is a sign that you do have PCOS and we need to change your diet and lifestyle to help get your cycles back on track.  Other lifestyle factors can cause infrequent or absent menstrual periods such as high stress periods or over exercising, so we need to be aware of this too.

The aim is to bring back regular cycles, and this can be done with consistency and commitment into small lifestyle changes.

Is ultrasound necessary to diagnose PCOS?

No, not always. When you visit your healthcare provider, they will likely ask about your symptoms and your medical and menstrual history. A doctor may also perform tests to check for levels of hormones and sugars in the blood if he believes PCOS may be present. They may ask questions about your medical and surgical history, as well as your social and family history.

You need 2 out of the following 3 to be officially diagnosed –

  • Follicles present on the ovaries through ultrasound
  • High androgen levels done by a blood test
  • Irregular periods or none at all

Please do not listen to your GPs advise if they do diagnose you. Most doctors haven’t got a clue and are told to put you on birth control which will only do more harm than good. Please seek advice from a coach or someone like myself who has been through the condition and has totally reversed it. The best coaches are the ones from personal experience!

PCOS treatment

How is PCOS treated with medications?

There are several medication options available for treatment for PCOS, however from my own experience and research now over 10 years – medication is absolutely not the answer to heal PCOS.

I was on birth control for over 10 years and experienced horrific side effects. Weight gain, mood swings, panic attacks, chronic headaches. I felt completely out of my body and not myself. Since being off medication now for over 6 years I couldn’t be happier, and after learning now to actually eat for my hormones and live a good lifestyle my PCOS started to reverse.

I lost 35KG, cleared my acne, reduced my cravings, got my regular cycles back after being told by 3 doctors I’d never have kids! I recently had my bloods and ultrasound done and everything is totally normal with no follicles left. PCOS does not exist in my body anymore.

I now help hundreds of other women do the same – and I’d love to help you!

Is it possible for people with PCOS to become pregnant?

Yes, of course. PCOS can make it difficult due to not knowing when ovulation occurs during her menstrual cycle. The process of becoming pregnant can also take longer if ovulation occurs only once or twice a year. That is why it is so important to work on getting your cycles back to regular!

Fertility treatments are more likely to be sought out and required by people with PCOS than by people without it. Over their lifetimes, people with and without PCOS have the same number of pregnancies and children. At least once in their lives, most people with PCOS who want to conceive will become pregnant and give birth without any fertility treatment.

So please, don’t feel disheartened. I promise you, as long as you have ovaries, a uterus and a womb you absolutely can have a little bub! I’d love to give you all the tools, tweaks and tricks you need to make this happen.

Reach out to me via DM or book a call through my website – I’d love to help you x

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