Self-care and PCOS is the most important factor to HEAL

While there is a lot of doctors and health professionals available now to help you on your journey, Self-care and PCOS is the key factor to ensure the journey is completed. As a fellow cyster and someone who has reversed all their symptoms, I can confirm putting yourself first and looking after number one was the main reason I was able to do so. 

I’m sure many of you can relate with doctors being vague to completely ignorant when at the clinic, which can be incredibly frustrating and leave you feel lost and confused. However, overcoming PCOS with natural therapies when you look at the medical literature could not be clearer. We need to focus on three main things to reverse our symptoms.

Nutrition, Exercise and Stress management. These are the three proven lifestyle interventions that reduce and eliminate the adverse symptoms of PCOS. Although the pathway is bright and clear, it isn’t always an easy stroll to take on your own. If you’re a people pleaser like me and put other people first, it can be difficult to look after yourself first. What I have learnt is this is NOT selfish. We need to look after ourselves as it really is the one person we can solely rely on. 

Why is it so difficult to overcome PCOS though? I won’t lie. It was a long journey. A marathon not a sprint. At times it was tough, and I wanted to give up, but I knew I had to keep going or I would suffer for the rest of my life. The problem with using lifestyle interventions is that they are time consuming and very slow acting. We are used to instant access in this World that when something takes time, we tend to give up and revert back to our old ways. 

If you’re a very busy person with not much time to spare, you might find it overwhelming to remember self-care and PCOS is just as important, if not more than your job! Preparing healthy meals, exercising regularly, controlling stress, getting enough sleep are all things we must implement into our daily routine, and it can seem daunting at first thinking you just won’t have the time. 

‘If it matters to you. You’ll find a way’

For years taking care of myself fell to the bottom of my list and stayed there for years while I put others first. I finally learnt the importance of self-care and PCOS and how it made me the happiest, healthiest version of myself today. 

What is Self-care? 

This might sound stupid, but for some it might be difficult to get your head around taking care of yourself. It’s something we need to learn. It doesn’t come naturally to us. Self-care is the actionable aspect of self-compassion, and a solution to improving our self-esteem.

Self-care is putting yourself first and doing things that provide greater health, both mentally and physically. If it makes you feel good, happy and healthy – this is an act of self-care. 

Self-care and PCOS is absolutely essential to reverse our symptoms and start to feel better. If you don’t take the time to do this, you can’t implement the lifestyle interventions that conquer PCOS It really is as simple as that. 

Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with to help you start on your self-love journey. Try implementing one or two a week and I promise you; you’ll start to feel instantly better! 

  1. Eating 3 Healthy meals a day packed with protein and veggies 
  2. 30 Minute brisk stroll outside in the fresh air 
  3. 20-minute yoga or Pilates YouTube video (plenty available for free!) 
  4. No phone/TV an hour before bed. Switch off and read a book 
  5. Getting 8 hours sleep! 
  6. Have a long hot bath with relaxing salts 
  7. Try meditation – Download ‘Breethe’ or ‘Kalm’ apps and explore 
  8. Play a musical instrument 
  9. Netflix and chill – literally. Sometimes a good series in bed is all you need 
  10. Call your bestie and have a big old gossip 

Please never think that any of these are selfish. They couldn’t be further from that word. Feeling guilty spending time or money or ourselves is the biggest barrier to healing. 

‘You can best give to others by giving to yourself first’

If you are the happiest, healthiest version of you that will shine through to your friends and family and you’ll be a joy to be around. Give yourself exactly what you deserve and those who truly care and love you will appreciate the wonderful return on investment! 

Put self-care and PCOS first. Invest in your health today. Get in touch for prices and information on how we can work together! 

Lots of love as always,

G x

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