Top 5 Food for PCOS

When it comes to PCOS treatment, diet is a crucial part of the healing process.

The foods you eat will have a distinct effect on your hormones and menstrual cycle. They also play a huge role in whether your symptoms will get worse or whether you will see some improvement.

Over years of trial and error, I’ve finally got it down to a TEE of exactly what we need to eat to nourish our hormones and reverse PCOS for good.

Although there is no ‘magic pill’ and not one ingredient will have you jumping for joy, there are a huge number of choices we can make to contribute to the healing process.

PCOS can be overwhelming, with so much contributing information on the internet that I’ve simplified it for you down to my top 5. Start introducing them to your diet and I promise – your body will thank you!


You should be stacking your plate every day with an abundance of green! Kale, collards, spinach and cabbage all deserve a prime spot to keep those hormones happy.

Not only are they rich in calcium, vitamin A, Vitamin C and many over important Vitamins, they are also incredibly low in calories. If you’re on a weight loss mission, this means you can eat a huge amount of them without piling on the pounds.

We want to be eating as much raw food as possible.

When cooking, we can destroy a lot of the goodness that our bodies require so try to steam your vegetables when possible! Raw foods can also be quite harsh on sensitive tummies (My IBS fellow sufferers out there!) so give it a go and if it doesn’t agree, stay clear!


Protein is the most important macro by far.

Not only does it fill you up for longer and not spike our insulin, but they have huge benefits on our hormones. Lean white fish like cod are low in fat but rich in protein keeping us full and happy for longer.

Omega 3’s are genuinely important, so make sure you’re getting salmon or mackerel in your diet at least twice a week. These are anti-inflammatory and the best fats for PCOS.


I know I’ve already mentioned dark greens, but I can’t stress enough how your body will thank you the more veggies you munch on.

Think all the colors of the rainbow to get the largest range of vitamins and antioxidants. Sweet potato, butternut squash, asparagus, carrots, green beans – you get my just. Anything fresh and from the ground – gobble them up girlfriend!

You don’t need every color at every meal, just include a range throughout the week and without realizing you’re on your way to health.

One of my easy ways to make veggies yum is to lightly roast them. Chop a load up in big-ish chunks, put in a baking tray with a sprinkle of herbs, lightly coat in avocado oil and place in the oven for 20/30 mins.

Keep checking for crispiness depending on your personal preference. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and voila! Goes perfectly with a juicy chicken breast or salmon fillet.


Walnuts, Almonds, Cashews and sunflower seeds are absolute go-tos for women with PCOS.

Not only are they packed with healthy fats and Omega 3’s, but they are also high in fibre and valuable nutrients for our hormones. They keep our blood sugar levels low and don’t spike our insulin.

We need to be careful however on how many we eat. I’m sure you’ve all been to the pub where they place a bowl of nuts in front of you. 5 minutes later you’re deep in a conversation and the entire bowl is now in your tummy.

Especially when slightly intoxicated, we tend to eat a lot more than we need.

Nuts are powerhouses and calorie dense. A handful of walnuts for example provide around 180 calories. If we don’t measure how many we munch on, the calories can very quickly add up.

When buying nuts, avoid the flavored packs and stick to natural. Be mindful of how many you eat, and count around 10 as a snack!


With PCOS, sugar cravings are very powerful and can definitely challenge us when on a weight loss journey or trying to improve insulin resistance.

We want to keep our body happy, and give it tastes we enjoy. We don’t always have to reach for the chocolate, there are plenty of natural unprocessed foods that can satisfy your craving too.

Make berries your best friend and ensure you have some punnets stored in the fridge. Not only are they low in calories, but they are also incredibly sweet and high in fiber. They also fight inflammation and are high in antioxidants. It’s a no brainer really!


Food is medicine.

I cannot preach that anymore.

Many unconventional medicines only mask the symptoms of PCOS and do not treat the root cause.

To overcome PCOS we need to start making nutrition and lifestyle changes which will balance your hormones over a period of time.

My absolute mission is to help as many women as I can conquer PCOS. I’m fed up of all the bullshit out there that just confuses us and leads to upset and misery.

Are you fed up with not knowing what to do? Where to start?

I PROMISE YOU – I can help.

I’ve been there. Over 15 years I’ve dissolved everything I’ve learnt into a 3-month coaching program that will change your life forever.

Get in touch. Reach out and let’s hop on a call.

Let me help you girl.

Lots of love as ever,

G x

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