Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight with PCOS?

lose weight with PCOS

Uncontrollable weight gain is the biggest symptom my clients struggle with, and over the years of speaking to so many cysters its truly the biggest problem ladies with PCOS face.

I’m sure many of you have had the same unhelpful advice from your GP when first diagnosed – ‘Just lose some weight’ ‘Eat less, move more – it’s simple’. You look at them through gritted teeth and literally want to scream ‘I’ve been trying that for 7 YEARS CAROL!’ but you keep your cool, leave the clinic even more frustrated and have a good old cry on the way home.

My GOD how many times I went through this process over the years baffles me. I can completely relate with any of your ladies who suffer with your weight. But I’m living proof that there is a solution. It’s not impossible to lose weight with PCOS. It’s not an easy ride and takes commitment and consistency, but it is possible.

Losing weight is simple, but it’s HARD. How to lose weight naturally is even harder as we have a lot fighting against us. If there was a magic pill, I definitely wouldn’t have my business right now and the world would not be in an obesity pandemic.

With PCOS, we do need to take our weight seriously to help our hormones, cysts and prevent any future diseases. From small nutrition swaps and lifestyle recommendations, I make the process a hell of a lot simpler for you.

So what’s the secret you ask?

The reason why its so hard to lose weight with PCOS is because you haven’t identified the ROOT CAUSE of the problem. You are stressing your body out by starving yourself or over exercising. There are many parts that we need to heal in order to reverse our PCOS. Many pieces to make the puzzle. Let’s dive in a bit deeper shall we…

The calorie equation

Science is science, and something we unfortunately cannot argue with. However, it is not as simple as ‘calories in, calories out’ for women with PCOS. To lose weight we must be in a calorie deficit yes, but did you know we can have up to 40% LESS BMR than a lady without?! That’s a HUGE decrease, meaning if you have a BMR of 1500calories on your typical calorie calculator found on the internet, you actually only have a BMR of 900 calories.

No calculator will be able to tell you have PCOS, or give you the option to adjust the calculation. This is why it’s a matter of trial and error for each client. I work out as best I can from their symptoms and hormone levels what I think is the correct calorie target and we carefully adjust it according to their results each week.

Every client whose goal is to lose weight – has on my coaching program. This is because I dive deep into their root cause, understand their hormones such as the thyroid and treat each client with a personal approach.

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