‘Here, just take Metformin and lose weight’

‘Just go on birth control, it will help your symptoms’

‘There is no cure for PCOS’

Do any of these sounds familiar?

Have you left your doctors feeling frustrated, lost and overwhelmed?

Good lord can I relate. I have been here SO many times, in and out of different gynaes and endocrinologists wanting to tear my hair out, shortly followed by a breakdown. 

The first thing you need to understand is a GP deals with SO many illnesses and conditions every single day. Our society teaches us that doctors are geniuses and should know everything. But this just isn’t the case! 

A doctor will not help you with PCOS. They do not know how to cure it naturally.

They are not ovary experts. This is not their fault or anyone’s. In the 7 years it takes for them to qualify, PCOS is really not on the top of their priority list. They touch on it, explaining what it stands for and what to prescribe – NOT how to actually help. 

Asking a doctor for nutrition advice for PCOS is like asking a builder how to unblock the toilet. You need to go to the RIGHT professional for the correct advice, in all aspects of life!

In order to reverse your PCOS you need specific diet and exercise protocols, lifestyle swaps and lifelong habits. 

So, when the GP prescribes you a synthetic drug, PLEASE be careful.

Birth control and metformin will not cure PCOS. It will only mask the symptoms and cause you problems later in life. Trust me here, after 15 years of dedicating my time to truly understand and overcome PCOS, I cannot express this enough. 

The field of medicine is HUGE.

Think how many conditions and diseases are out there?! The amount of study a doctor training has do is immense. It can be very challenging for one human to understand every single condition in depth, especially when they are as complicated as PCOS. 

PCOS is also taught in very simple terms to GP’s. Treatment of PCOS is based on a lot of guidelines, many suggesting symptomatic management. (COCP, ovulation induction, hormone pills etc). They are also told to tell patients to lose weight – but don’t give them the skills on how to actually do this! 

Time is one of the main constraints for a doctor.

You literally get a slot of 10 minutes which seems ludacris to actually analyse, diagnose and treat someone. Especially PCOS being so complicated and different for each person! One doctors appointment is NOT going to be sufficient to fully understand someone’s PCOS and how to treat it. 

Nutrition is next up with how little training a GP gets. 3-4 hours in lectures is all they get. They learn about the general food groups and a ‘balanced’ diet.

Nutrition and PCOS. Your diet is crucial for healing PCOS

With PCOS, getting our diet right is CRUCIAL to healing. Food is medicine and I can’t express that enough. 

To put this into context, my joint honours degree of Biochemistry and Nutrition was very intense with 28 hours a week. It definitely equipped me with a lot of knowledge, however it was mainly through self-education, studying functional medicine and reading all the scientific literature on PCOS that I felt I started to understand it. 

I truly believe the best healers are those you can relate to.

Who have been through it themselves and have overcome the condition. I’m not blowing my own trumpet here but I’d say I really know my stuff on everything about PCOS. Hence why I started this business and have been a success.

Every client I have had so far has seen some incredible changes and reversed many symptoms.

We’ve had tears when periods have returned after 10 years, comments from friends saying how they are glowing and sex drives creeping back up again (making their partners forever grateful!)

A fact you might not know is that GP’s are very sceptical of ‘natural’ treatments. They are in competition with each other and both try to win you over with different solutions to your problems.

PCOS needs a holistic approach.

PCOS needs a holistic approach when healing PCOS

Everyone is entitled to an opinion and what might work for you is different to someone else. But with PCOS the bottom line is always the same.

Through diet and exercise we can really make positive changes. Fake hormones will only mess up our system more and lead to problems later in life. 

If you work with me, I give you all the tools like recipes, shopping lists, workouts and lifestyle swaps to really heal your PCOS from the inside out.

I also teach you WHY you’re doing what your doing. Why these changes are necessary. If we understand something, we are much more likely to stick at it, even through the toughest times. 

Get in contact with me today and let’s start your healing journey together! 

All my love as always,

G x

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