Your menstrual cycle is incredibly important in any female. However your menstrual cycle with PCOS can sometimes disappear.

If we don’t have it, this can cause many problems for us, mainly making it incredibly difficult to have children. It is essential we look after our lady bits, and we don’t do this through birth control!

There are 4 phases of your cycle 





Your menstrual cycle refers to the length of your entire cycle (normally 28-30 days).

Day 1 of your cycle is the first day you bleed so we start from here. 

When we talk about estrogen dominance it’s important to see what it’s doing through our cycle and how the levels change.

Since getting my periods back I find it fascinating how where you are in your cycle has so much influence on your strength, moods and motivation. It can really help understand WHY you feel a certain way and to not beat yourself up about it.


Lasts about 3 – 7 days depending on each individual and how severe your PCOS is
Your estrogen and progesterone are at their LOWEST
This triggers the shredding of your uterus lining = you bleed! 
Energy levels are at their lowest
You will probably feel irritable, lethargic and quite emotional. 

How many of you cry for no reason or have a huge tantrum days before your period and when it comes you’re like ‘oh, now that makes total sense?!” Yup, this is exactly why.


When you’re in the menstrual phase – BE KIND TO YOURSELF! It is okay to feel low. It is okay to not have much energy in the gym. Nourish your body with healthy foods and enjoy a few rest days!


When your period stops your estrogen levels start to pick up. 
Your Pituatry gland releases FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) that triggers them to mature in your ovaries
All hormones start to rise and you generally feel happier, stronger and more energetic 

Use this period to plan a productive week, get some strength training sessions booked in and try to hit your personal best! These are the days to really enjoy life and be productive.

exercise and pcos
pcos and the gym


Right before you ovulate your pituitary gland releases LH (luteinizing hormone) 
This makes the follicle release the egg
Eggs live for 12-24 hours 
Sperm lives for 5-7 days which widens the number of days you can get pregnant (so be careful ladies – wrap that willy!)
Your Estrogen and Testosterone PEAK – Your energy levels will be at an all time high

Use this time to train hard, build muscle and feel your best self! 


Once the egg is released your body produces progesterone 
When your body releases you are NOT pregnant – all hormones DECREASE
This is now the build up to your next period, and your energy levels will be at their lowest 

Be kind to your body, appreciate rest, don’t overdo it. 

High levels of estrogen can occur in women with PCOS much more regularly than women without.  Estrogen dominance not only promotes the symptoms I spoke about in last week’s blog, but Long term “unopposed estrogen” can lead to a build-up of the lining of the uterus which is a major risk factor for uterine cancer.

There are certain foods we can add to our diet and focus on to help our hormones and stop oestrogen dominance occurring. Especially with PCOS.

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So much love,

G x

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